Giving back is important to us.

Actively participating in and supporting the growth and development of our community is essential for us. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with community boards and groups, and we encourage everyone on our team to pursue interests that promote healthy personal and professional growth and development.

We are an active member of the Prince George Advisory Committee for Development and Design. We have represented engineering on the panel for the last 6 years and recently completed a 2-year term as committee chair.

We enjoy volunteering at the UNBC summer camp’s for young engineers, participating in group activities and games.

We have delivered educational presentations to the Building Officials Association of BC, the Home Inspectors Association of BC, and the College of New Caledonia – Civil Engineering Technology program.

This is our home and, as community-minded individuals, we want to support community programs and growth. We know we do not exist in a bubble. When our community, clients, colleagues, friends, and family succeed, we all succeed. It’s a simple way to look at the world. Still, there is a universal truth in its inherent simplicity – we are all in this together.