The Access Advantage

Experienced professionals who excel at structural engineering.

At Access Engineering, we are hard-working, values-driven and inspired by community. You are at the heart of our work. Our commitment to creating a responsive and transparent relationship and providing you with the best process-driven structural engineering experience in the industry is our priority.

When you choose us, you secure a team of seasoned and responsible experts who ensure you know what to expect and when to look ahead for key milestones throughout your project’s execution. We balance the costs and benefits of innovation and flexibility with constructability, durability, and function. We consider every project individually, selecting the structural system that best suits the needs and wants of the client.

Experience allows us to provide you with accurate fee estimates and realistic timelines. We tell you up-front how our involvement with your project will go, from start to finish, step by step. We make the most of your time and money and deliver quality results so you can enjoy peace of mind.

When it comes to structure, we do all the planning and design, so you don’t have to. We commit to ongoing communication, open discussion, and active listening throughout your project. You can depend on us to deliver what we promise when and how we promise — so you can keep your commitments to others.

Our hands-on, collaborative, and flexible approach allows us to establish long-term relationships with you that extend beyond our initial work together. Indeed, over the years, time and time again, clients communicate their appreciation and faith in our open and collaborative approach to project design and implementation.

If you need a team that respects the individuality of your project and is committed to delivering excellent results and exceptional customer service, we encourage you to reach out and experience the Access advantage for yourself.